Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kitten Madness started in the cellar of the puumaja.....nieghbours reported that items had been moved around, strange shadowy figures had been seen, and there was an odd smell in the air... Then the workmen finished and left, but not before they'd managed to inadvertently kill one of the two kittens that had been nesting there - the wee thing fell down a crack in the pile of rocks which I've inherited and guess I have to remove at some point, and froze to death. The mother, a very prolific begetter of kittens by all accounts , removed the sole surviving kitten and took up residence in the garage at the bottom of the garden. I'd decided to take it on as a pet, had wanted a cat for ages but never got round to it, and having cleared it with my flatmate the neighbours said it's all yours.
So now it is, I guess it's about a month old and so can't really walk but can certainly squeak a lot. I've got this bottle that's much the same as a baby's to feed it with even. If only people back home could see me now. Looking forward to when it starts doing some cool stuff, attacking things etc.
It was really a dry run to see if I could cope with a baby; not that that's on the cards any time soon. I thought that if I couldn't look after a cat then kids are out! And it's going well I'm glad to say. Anyway it won't be a kitten for long.
I keep referring to 'it' because it's too early for a layman to ascertain it's gender! It's name is Hapukoor which is gender-neutral anyway.

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