Wednesday, November 18, 2009

On Travelling And Returning Home

Canfield, Proctor, Nightingale, Zagler, Hill, Robbins, Tracy, Aaron... step aside please..there's a new success guru in town! Walt Gleeson is a highly successful, internationally renowned author of motivational books and CDs and other products. With a career spanning over half a decade, he has enthralled readers all over the world, from Alaska to Florida and from Hawaii to Rhode Island, with such titles as You Can Do It!, You Can Do It! Too, Literally Make Your House Work For You and Become a Millionaire Whilst On The Toilet.
Hey, it's Walt here again. I'm typing this on my  gooseberry device, because I can do that.
I'm at O'Hare International Airport (executive lounge) en route to hold a 'crush your opposition to dust and then piss on the dust' seminar in Solihull, England. I look forward to going to the old country, it's always a pleasure to see the little antique churches and police-bobbies (they don't carry guns, how quaint is that?!), go for a cold beer and traditional English pretzels in one of the 'pubs', and take tea with Queen Elizabeth and King Phillip.
I was reminded whilst I was sitting in the executive cafe sipping on a Starbucks, of the lesson that Buddha , an important spitirual leader who lived over a hundred years ago, taught us. He said that, and this took the form of one of his 'cones', that you shouldn't speak unless you have something interesting to say....and I happen to think he was right on that score, maybe not in everything else he said (eg giving up worldly possessions and becoming a renunciant loser). I had to chuckle - you know, I ALWAYS have something interesting to say, so I'm fortunate in that regard, something I remembered as the waitress I just attempted to engage in conversation made light work of clearing my table and disappearing.
Oh well, which of us is on the minimum wage?!

I can see my plane is sitting there like a giant bird made of metal, ready for me to board through the first class entry, and I remember just how far I've come since I was a high school flunkout working part time in the bicycle store in Disney, Idabama. And you can too! IF you're prepared to follow exactly what I say and not dare to question any of it (if you fail to follow all of my steps you'll have no children and die by drowning). So I'm very happy to be able to spread the messgae to the other side of the pond, if I can understand their murdering of the English language in the (pre-selected) Q&A session after the seminar, as they've been in the dark for so long (quite literally, I think some areas of that little country only started getting a regular electricity supply a few years ago).
But however great these trips are, it's always even greater to come back to the US and remind myself how wonderful it is to be American and normal. Have a killer of a day.

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