Friday, November 20, 2009

Starting A Business Is As Hard As They Say It Is

Just put in my first order of Dodo Juice products. Dodo Juice produce a range of car detailing products, waxes, clay (for removing all the grime from a car's paintwork) sealants and a whole lot of other things that are a far cry from the bowl of washing up liquid and old sponge from under the sink, or exhorbitant swirl-o-matic paintscratcher machine, every four months or so.
It's been a learning curve just getting my head round the products but as luck would have it a buyer, a car valeting service here in Tallinn, got in touch with Dodo Juice who passed him on to me. Could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
The niceties of buying items at trade price, VAT in the UK and the Sales tax here, setting prices in the pegged Kroon and having to buy the products in the floating pound,  previously things that happened to other people, are slowly starting to make themselves known. What HAVE I started? Could be something this space for the forthcoming website..

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