Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Talented Estonians

Came back from teaching yesterday evening to find my neighbour constructing what I thought was a bed (it was actually a shelf) in the hallway. What a useful ability to have! I recently bought a crap flatpacked wardrobe for my flatmate, which was about on a par with one of those Nicholas Owen Priest holes in its complexity but without the aesthetic value, and even then the doors don't shut properly. And I don't wanna think about how much it cost...
..my neighbour tells me that under the old system, if you wanted something quality like that you really had to make it yourself hence learning such skills but, and all of us westerners who live here in the baltic states probably feel this, it makes us look like a load of feeble, spoilt incompetents, especially when it comes to home improvement matters! Maybe I'll ask him if he can make me one.
For some reason mozilla doesn't like aljazeera.net, at the moment, I don't know why. Have to access it through IE.

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