Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Don't Think Too Much, Or At All

Canfield, Proctor, Nightingale, Zagler, Hill, Robbins, Tracy, Aaron... step aside please..there's a new success guru in town! Walt is a highly successful, internationally renowned author of motivational books and CDs and other products. With a career spanning over half a decade, he has enthralled readers with such titles as You Can Do It!, You Can Do It! Too, Literally Make Your House Work For You and Become a Millionaire Whilst On The Toilet.

Hi, it's Walt here again, with a few thoughts for the day...How come people say 'meteoric rise', when meteors go downwards, through the earth's atmosphere? Where did all the gruntled or ruthful people go? Why can't I have dain for something? Where is Old Zealand?
Well, if you're gonna spend time thinking about these things you're not gonna get rich and successful, like me. Thinking is a useful skill, I know I do it from time to time. But sometimes it's better just to act without thinking about something, and just see what happens. It's bound to be something good. When you get an idea or an urge, remember the adidas slogan - 'just do it now, you prick', whether it's making an impulse purchase, crossing the street or firing someboday. Just do it now, you prick.
Here's hoping you won't be thinking too much today, it's for losers who become perpetual students and earn less in a year than I spend on lattes with cinnamon to go.

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