Sunday, November 1, 2009

Flat Tasks In The Puumaja

List of things to do at Õle Street 3-3 (hugely abridged to fit this page, and not in order of importance):
- install light above cooker.
-sort out transfer of electricity bill, still in the previous owners' name.
- buy a comfy chair for the living room.
- fix a kitchen cupboard door which won't shut and another that won't open.
- get curtains for the living room.
- backdoor keys cut.
- decide on whether one of the litter of kittens in the cellar is going to be adopted by us.
- sort out Ali's door so it shuts (ditto his wardrobe).
- rake leaves in the garden (other people would do this, it'll just look good if I do something communal for once!!).
- get to a bric a brac shop for memorabilia and old looking stuff.
- scrape off the terrible looking coloured paint on the bathroom windows (done by me, it's not lime green at least).
- get a throwover for the (old) sofa.
- get a wardrobe and bedside table for my room.
- fix the fire extinguisher, modem and wireless router to the wall.
- find a solution to small gaps in the exposed floorboards, where little bits and pieces of crap fall down.

...the list goes on. Not bad for 54 square metres! All has to be done by the end of the month or certainly xmas!

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