Friday, October 16, 2009

Sethie Godiney

This is a regular blog post dedicated to blogging the blogs of one of the most successful bloggers in the blogsphere.
Sethie Godiney is the diminutive sidekick to Seth Godin, an internet marketing guru, by my own unimaginative and lazy summation.
I'm never quite sure how his last name is pronounced (or even his first – Vikram Seth springs to mind, and the sneers that you will evoke from the Islington / mocha / tapas set for mispronouncing HIS last name, revealing yourself to the congnoscenti as someone who probably thinks Gabriel García Márquez plays for Liverpool, is enough to push this writer to the cautious side of the street). Is it spelt as it's written? GOD – in? Or is the second syllable given a French value, qw in waiting for Godin? Or even Go-DINE? I don't know.
Anyway Seth is well worth following (seriously).
It doesn't matter if you know naff all about marketing and / or don't work in that field, there's genuine truths in his posts to be had by all.
Alternatively you can follow lil' Sethie Godiney's posts, which merely paraphrase the daily Seth posts, which you can use as a sampler of the real thing (and hopefully visit his blog. Not that he needs any more followers, especially not the likes of you and me). Starts today, whenever I get the next post from SG!

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