Saturday, March 3, 2012

Zelyenu Vulitsyoo Hooligans

This is a funny story about the Ukrainians using four MiG 29 jets and some "helicopter gunships" (meaning the legndary Mil Mi-24 'hind') as "crowd control" in the impending European football championships.

Talk about nuts and sledgehammers, although it could be worse - at least they're not using the SU-27 with its tendency to crash at airshows and cartwheel into spectators.

Of course two of the four groups in the comp will play their group games in the Ukraine (as oposed to Poland), including, uh-oh, England who will play at Donetsk and Kiev.

Fortunately it seems unlikely that England will get through the group games, so the Ukrainian air force will only have a limited amount of time to get their shots on target, but most likely more shots on target than England will get. That said, the idea of a load of porcine English football fans being scattered by the raking fire of a MiG 29 and its 30 mm nose cannon would make for a memorabe image nonetheless.

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