Tuesday, July 20, 2010

World News...continued.

As promised..

Mr. and Mrs. Jaleel of Damascus have given birth to a healthy baby boy. Little Ahmed was born just after midnight on Saturday, the proud parents were delighted to announce, weighing in at 6 and a half pounds, at the Royal Hospital on the outskirts of the city. Quipped Mrs Jaleel, 'if he eats anything like his father, that weight is set to double and double!'. Mother and baby are both doing fine.

Temperatures soared as the long hot summer continued at the weekend, the mercury reaching record levels of some 34 degrees on the outskirts of Tallinn. Locals sunbathed, sprayed each other with water or bought ice lollies in the searing  heat. Local resident Mr. Kalev said "it's very hot. What we need is a good thunderstorm to clear the air". Tallinn borough council advised people to use high factor sunscreen whilst sunbathing, and for mothers with babies and senior citizens to stay indoors in the middle of the day.

The travellers' encampment on the outskirts of Shanghai, which had for some time marred local residents' lives, now appears to have moved on. It is thought that the travellers' next destination will be Beijing. "I'm just glad to see the back of them"', said housewife Mrs. Chang "they have been nothing but trouble since they arrived".  Hong Wong from the Shanghai Local Authority  stated in a press release that "we are not opposed in principle to travelling people and those with alternative ways of life, but we are seeking a compromise solution which will benefit all parties". (Reuters).

A 64 year old Belgian tourist was pickpocketed on the metro in the outskirts of Bucharest on Sunday, losing his mobile phone in the process. Mr. Pierre van Aadendorff, of Brussels, said "the last time I saw it was about twenty minutes beforehand, when I received an SMS from my daughter in Brussels saying that she had been given the all-clear following her cervical smear. The next thing I knew, it was gone."
Mr. Aadendorff reported the incident to the central police station in Bucharest; police issued a warning to tourists to 'watch out'. "I was able to contact the company to block the number and, since I have insurance, I will be able to get a new phone once I return to Belgium" continued Mr. Aadendorff. "We used my wife's phone for the rest of the holiday, so all's well that ends well. I just feel sorry that people think that they can get away with it" he said.
The Aadendorffs had been enjoying a sightseeing tour of Romania.

Mrs. Bouhadienne's cat made a welcome return on Tuesday night, following a three day absence from his home in the outskirts of Algiers. "I'd given up all hope" she said."'I thought he must have been poisoned or fallen down a hole, because you never know these days".
The cat, whose name is Aladdin, appeared at the door late on Tuesday "somewhat bedraggled and hungry, but otherwise ok" said Mrs. Bouhadienne. When questioned if she would be letting Aladdin out again in future, she retorted "no way, not after this ordeal, he's staying under lock and key - I've already bought a litter tray!". (Associated Press).

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