Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Unnecessary Plug for Unnecessary Quotes Blog

Finally I had a post up on the blog of  unnecessary quote marks. In short, this is a blog in which users send in photos of signs and so forth which, in a twisted variant of the grocer's apostrophe (as in CD's and Vegetable's for sale etc.), words are in speech marks when they clearly don't need to be.
Mine wasn't anything special, just from an ad on a car detailing website for cotton towels, but there are some real gems there...not sure if the rules confine this to the English speaking world; non-native speakers of English should probably be exempt from such ridicule (but in any case, check out engrish.com!) but I'll look out for signs advertising things like 'hot' coffee or 'friendly' service whilst out and about in Tallinn's old town in any case.

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