Thursday, December 3, 2009

Unattractive Enough to be a Model

I just saw a bit of a notably asinine program from the UK, one of those 'we're gonna have to let one of you go, and this time I'm afraid it's...', which is seemingly a sacred cow of a format nowadays. In this case it was models, or would-be models, and there were the requisite tears as one of the 'contestants', with a delightfully glamorous West Midlands accent, was told she was out.
Thing was, and I don't know if this is worth saying but anyway, noone's reading, I can see stacks of far, far more beautiful girls here in Tallinn every time I step out of the house practically.
I don't say this to boast, just I find it a bit frustrating how these people are held up as paragons of beauty when to my eyes they're very unappealing-looking, androgynous or bordering on ugly.
Maybe that's not the point, and models aren't here to provided titillation for males; fine with me, and I don't doubt that the objectification of women for men's pleasure is a bad thing, in which case would you please explain to me exactly WHAT they do to enrich our lives?
No doubt their critics are less kind; if they'd had any vestige of a personality it might have been something but they were equally or even more bland and off-putting in that regard too.
One of the 'judges' on the show perhaps encapsulated it best when he said, of one of the contestants, 'she looks like a model' there it is, not she's beautiful or even just attractive. Provided she conforms to the industry standard that's already been set in stone, for the time being. A bit like saying this car looks like a car.

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