Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Top Ten Stones Songs

Just a random list, which more or less fizzles out not long after Brian's demise..
1) Come On - simply as it was the first. Great harmonica work too.
2) 19th Nervous Breakdown - fantastically bitchy lyrics.
3) Under My Thumb - relatively sophisticated chord progression for the time, brilliantly evil (note to self, stop using '-ly' adjectival qualifiers, or whatver they are).
4) You Can't Always Get What You Want - so true.
5) Lady Jane - I was never sure if this was a reference to Lady Jane Grey, but it's a nice idea.
6) Ruby Tuesday - kinda renaissancey sound that an American band would never be able to pull off.
7) Stupid Girl - simple, get the impression they wrote, recorded and finished it in about two hours and that was all it needed.
8) Sympathy for the Devil- Purely due to the sentiment and the historical references to the Russian Revolution etc.
9) Start Me Up - great subject matter for a mainstream song, 'you make a dead man come' - just admirable.
10) Connection - from the Between the Buttons Album, again something that was probably intended as a filler and yet pisses all over most bands' finest tunes.