Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Noone Killed in Freak Accident And No Footage of Celebs in Compromising Situations Here

When trying to set up a business, I've noticed a phenomenon which I call SS- concentration-camp-guards-at-the-end-of-the-war syndrome, namely, that I've switched to attempting to get on the best terms with people I previously held in utter contempt. I've suddenly started having more sympathy for internet marketers, cold callers, even spammers in a way (no let's not go that far). Or at least I seem to feel I should do.
The logic behing this is that now the boot's on the other foot and I'm my own boss, surely now I have to go out and do all the networking, sales-y stuff and the like, something which fills me with a huge amount of dread and awe I don't mind saying.
So it was nice to hear confirmation from Seth that I was right all along and if I interpret my big brother correctly, that these people are indeed scum (not that he'd couch it in such terms, gent that he is).
Anyone who thinks it's ok to hit a hundred people at the same time, no matter who they are, on the grounds that if one of them replies it's paid for itself already, never mind the effect on the other 99 people, probably doesn't deserve a high place in the pantheon of worthwhile people.
In fact I wonder if the prostitute-card placers in central London phone boxes think along the same lines.
He opens by looking at the phenomenon of juicy headline writers reeling in even otherwise sensible people with promises of scandal and hype, hence the reverse heading of this post. Check it out.

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