Friday, November 6, 2009

Staff Room Rant

F*ck me, those f*cking students are really starting to piss  me off...
...oh it's you, sorry, I thought I was in the staff room again, gobbing off about how hopeless a group of pre-intermediates were in grasping my cursory and mumbled treatment of what is actually a conceptually very difficult area of English grammar (and which I don't understand myself, incidentally).
Yes, these students are such easy targets; spending good time and money and erroneously seeming to expect English lessons from me  in return.
Ha ha, they aren't as smart as me, since I got my diploma in post office relations and scraped a TEFL qualification, after having spent a drunken weekend in this city and, purely on that basis, decided I wanted to live here .
I had to laugh today, somebody in an elementary group said 'in every Russia there is a problem'..yes, I got a lot of mileage in the staffroom announcing it to all and sundry. Never mind that I don't speak a single foreign language myself (though I like to put myself forward as an expert on which lanuages are inflectional and which aren't, how many cases they have, articles, personal pronouns etc ...).
Anyway I have to fninish now, have to go and prepare a lesson on the present perfect continuous; so that'll kill five minutes anyway.

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