Thursday, November 26, 2009

Great Wedding Party

I slipped off the waggon, without hurting myself I'm happy to say, last Saturday night, but in a good cause - at a friend's wedding party. The actual ceremony was in Melbourne, it's one of those Aussie-Pommie love stories, which was a bit of a distance, but the party was in a hotel which I would in the past have thought was out of my league, in Farnborough, near London. It's only really on the map for having a great big airshow there every other year or so.
It was lovely to be back however fleetingly, putting up my feet as the football scores were coming in on the 'vidiprinter' as I think they still call it, walking round without a coat in the middle of November and being smiled at by strangers...
Anyway, bit like walking through a hole in time as I found all the old crowd from Wycombe days to be mercifully unchanged, and caught up with people I hadn't seen since I'd been away. All way to short and sweet. Cheers Dom!

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