Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Don't Follow the Herd

This is a regular blog post dedicated to blogging the blogs of one of the most successful bloggers in the blogsphere.
Sethie Godiney is the diminutive sidekick to Seth Godin, an internet marketing guru, by my own unimaginative and lazy summation.

My big brother posted something interesting today that I'd like to think I've noticed myself too, which is to say, the time lag that seems to take place between something blindingly obvious being seen empirically, and belief in that being widespread. He cites the examples of Gallileo, who kept dropping things of high places to show that light things fall as rapidly as heavy things, which nevertheless people didn't take on board until much, much later, or a doctor who pushed for the now-accepted practice of doctors washing their hands before delivering births. It seems we don't want to change even when the evidence smacks us in the face, just 'cos that's what everyone is doing. The Emperor's New Clothes springs to mind.
So to that end, when are people gonna realize that this is a great blog, and start following it;-)

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