Thursday, October 29, 2009

Quintuple Your Income in 90 Seconds - the new book/MP3/CD thing from Walt Gleeson

Canfield, Proctor, Nightingale, Zagler, Hill, Robbins, Tracy, Aaron... step aside please..there's a new success guru in town! Walt is a highly successful, internationally renowned author of motivational books and CDs and other products. With a career spanning four decades he has enthralled readers with such titles as You Can Do It!, You Can Do It! Too, Literally Make Your House Work For You and Become a Millionaire Whilst On The Toilet.
Hey, it's Walt here with a Special message for YOU...
How would you like to be able to quintuple your income in 90 seconds?!? Yes, it's true, you can really do it (provided you cough up $19.99* to my coffers beforehand.
Quintuple Your Income in 90 Seconds RRP was $250,000,000 in the shops, but hey, I've been so generous I've SLASHED it to $19.99*, YES, that's a 1250625312% reduction, or so my PA tells me.
IN ADDITION to this I'm giving away three spots at forthcoming seminars of mine, ABSOLUTELY FREE! Yes that's right, the seminars take place at 3am on consecutive Sundays starting from this Sunday, 1 November, with 'Take a Pay Rise and Tell The Economy to Take a Hike', and 'Have ALL Your Cake and Not Eat It' the following Sunday, with 'TBC' (that means 'To Be Confirmed') the following two weeks. Book now to avoid early disappointment, I'm sure there are going to be literally billions of people already signed up for a piece of me.
So, I'll leave you with this final thought for the day from The Dead Sea Scrolls in the Boardroom, another excellent publication of mine: 'you'd waste far less time in procrastinating if you only knew how much time you could save by keeping things short and sweet and simply not putting things of and/or talking about doing something instead of actually doing it.'
Yours Ever

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