Monday, October 19, 2009

Pay Taxes and Get Rained On

Found out some more information about how to properly heat the flat using the fire. It transpired we'd been doing it all wrong, you have to get a roaring inferno going for about 4-5 hours, heating up the bricks in this way and that should be good for a couple of days or so.
I also learned today just how much you get screwed for taxes here when you set up as a FIE (sole trader) as I've just done.
Hmmm, maybe this going freelance idea is, if not biting me on the arse, is threatening to do so; gonna have to work a lot more just to pay off the government, which in turn will be taxed.
Finally there seems to have been a few minutes respite in the rain which seems to have been going for the last 40 days and nights (well, since Saturday morning).

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