Saturday, October 17, 2009

I Gotta Tell You About A Great New Product! (Of Mine,That I Need To Sell)

Canfield, Proctor, Nightingale, Zagler, Hill, Robbins, Tracy, Aaron... step aside please..there's a new success guru in town! Walt is a highly successful, internationally renowned author of motivational books and CDs and other products. With a career spanning four decades he has enthralled readers with such titles as You Can Do It!, You Can Do It! Too, Literally Make Your House Work For You and Become a Millionaire Whilst On The Toilet.
Hi, Walt here and thanks for reading my post. Just a short email to let you know about a new product I know you're gonna love. It's a bad quality recording of a seminar I gave in Wilmington, Minnihaha, when I was half cut on the free wine that was provided beforehand. For just $9.99* you can have this in CD or some other format. The recording contains some revolutionary new information and tells you to:
- get up earlier in the morning if you need more time.
- go to work, if you want to get ahead.
-go to sleep at night.
-eat food and drink drinks.
-not go to work drunk or badly hungover.
Oh, and that's not all, I'll throw in an extra special free gift, just because I'm so nice: a link to my friend Dirk Vileslayer's 'special people's club' forum. With just 2 members so far, it sure is special and an excellent way to network and meet a lot of like minded individuals. I think Dirk's plugging my new recording too.
Bye for now!
* per day, plus sales tax.

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